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Do you like sitting alone in the dark? Didn’t think so.

Get switched on and upgrade your electrical fuse box & meter with Maxx Electrical

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the following…

Scenario 1:

It’s that frustrating moment when the power goes out.

You wander around lost and confused for a while… randomly flicking light switches that don’t work.

You realise you’ve got 17% battery on your iPhone so this provides about 20 minutes of entertainment until you get that devastating power off.

You eventually resign yourself to sitting down and reading the book you’ve had by your bed for 6 years and never got past the third page.

But then it starts to get dark.

Damn it!

Scenario 2:

You check your letter box without much excitement. Nothing good ever comes in the mail anymore, (except the odd letter from crazy Aunty Mabel).

As expected, there’s the usual pile of junk mail and bills. Boring, boring, boring. Right on top, you see your quarterly bill from the electricity company. Boo! Blood-suckers, the lot of them!

You open it up and you get the shock of your life.

$906.47!!! Say what???? It must be a mistake, surely!

This is beyond the usual blood-sucking… this is going to leave your bank account shrivelled up like the mushrooms at the bottom of your refrigerator.



So what do these scenarios have in common?

Apart from being utterly annoying – these two situations can often come about from a worn out, unreliable electrical meter & fuse box.

Ask yourself:

– Does your meter box feel unusually hot to touch?

– Has it got a wooden back, a combination of fuses and cast iron switches?

– Do you feel your electricity bills are inconsistent with your usual kWh usage?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, you have probably got a fuse box and meter dating back to the 1960’s. I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s time for an upgrade.

Old electrical fuse box

Why do I need an electrical meter upgrade?

Your electrical meter is the main monitoring station for energy consumption and the fuse box is responsible for providing the proper electrical load to power your lights and appliances.

Once you’re properly keeping track of your energy use with an upgraded and accurate meter, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying your electricity company for. No more mysterious fees! No more wondering why you’re paying more this month than last! And most importantly, no more money wasted… not one cent.

Why do I need meter box upgrade?

If you’ve got an old fusebox, you’ve also got old wiring. Like anything, over time, old wiring will start to wear out. The major problem you’ll need to keep an eye on is the breakdown of insulation.

With new meter boxes, the switches are extremely sensitive, so if there are any issues with your power load or wiring (or the appliances in your house), it will trip straight way – protecting your home and family from electrical fires and electrocution.

If you’ve got an old meter box, it could also mean your house does not meet required safety regulations making it difficult to pass an inspection or sell.

New electrical fuse box

New electrical fuse box

So, how do I get my electrical meter and fuse box upgraded?

So you got a hold of that one ‘electrical specialist’ and all he talked about things like RCD’s and MCB’S, over-voltage, time of use metering and a whole heap of other technical terms that made no sense and simply left your head spinning. After that, he had the audacity to ask you to cough up a ridiculous amount of money to get the job done.

At Maxx Electrical, that’s not how we roll.

We will talk you through the process over the phone, then visit you the very same day to get your electrical issues solved whether it’s your power up again, or price estimates to bring your property up to a safe standard within your budget.We explain things in a way you can understand and make you feel comfortable with what the outcome may be.

At Maxx Electrical, you’re guaranteed shockingly good service – all day, every day.

Call 1800 4 POWER (1800 476 937) and let’s upgrade your box!