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Electrician for Exhaust Fan & Heat Lamp Installation

Is it getting a little too steamy in the bathroom? Or are your bare feet feeling the pinch of winter on cold tiles? It is time to consider a bathroom exhaust fan installed by the team at Maxx Electrical. We can repair, replace and install new bathroom exhaust fans and heats lamp into most homes, units, apartments and offices to make the bathroom a much nicer place to be.

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Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Maxx Electrical

Bathroom exhaust fans are a necessity in household and office bathrooms. The exhaust fan efficiently extracts excess steam, heat and odour from the bathroom to make it a much nicer environment to be in. While making the environment much more pleasant, a bathroom exhaust fan will reduce the potential for mould and mildew to grow meaning the bathroom is also safer.

At Maxx Electrical we’ve been installing exhaust fans into bathrooms across the Hunter, from Newcastle to Muswellbrook, for over 30+ years. Our fully trained and licensed electricians can give you the right advice when choosing your exhaust fan to make sure you make the right decision.

When you are browsing your exhaust fan options, you will see many different sizes, prices, looks and functions. We recommend purchasing a unit that is rated for a bathroom just slightly bigger than yours. The larger the extraction rate the quicker and more efficiently it will remove steam, heat and odour from the room. We prefer units with a one-way extractor on them to stop heat escaping when the unit is turned off and to stop bugs and vermin finding their way into your warm, damp bathroom.

We recommend and install the best bathroom exhaust fans for each job and are happy to discuss your options with you. We select our exhaust fans by assessing the ease of cleaning, the build quality, the energy efficiency, the warranty, and ultimately, air flow.

IXL Tastics and other all-in-one Bathroom Fans

One of the best things about the modern bathroom fan is that it can control the environment no matter what the conditions are like inside the room. A unit like an IXL 3-in-1 can extract heat, steam and odour, or extract just steam and odour, or it can add heat via heat lamps if desired. There are many great options available today which we are happy to speak to you about.

All-in-one exhaust fans like the IXL Tastic, IXL Triumph or HPM products vary in size, looks, extraction rates and heating capacity just like a standard bathroom exhaust fan. We recommend units that are energy-efficient, powerful for both extraction and heating, and quiet.

Maxx Electrical have been installing bathroom heat lamps and exhaust fans within Newcastle and the Hunter Valley for over 30 years. Our bathroom electricians are trained to help you select the right fan for your bathroom and then provide a complete installation service for your new exhaust fan or heat lamp.

Don’t forget, if you simply have questions about your bathroom fan or heat lamp, we are always happy to chat – obligation free. You can call us on 0438 680 408 to chat with one of our friendly electricians.

Our exhaust fan installation and bathroom heat light installation service can take care of the following (depending on your requirements);

  • Removal of old exhaust fans.
  • Cutting roof to accommodate new exhaust fans and bathroom heat lights.
  • Ducting new exhaust fans to the outside.
  • Installing brand new exhaust fans and heat lamps into new homes, extensions or freshly renovated bathrooms.
  • Cleaning up the area and testing that the exhaust fan works.

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