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Phone Line and Internet Technicians in Newcastle

Data and communications are a necessity in today’s busy world and when the phone line stops ringing or the internet connection stops internet-ing it can send you into a spin. Don’t worry because Maxx Electrical will get you calling your friends and surfing the internet in no time. We are licensed electricians and Newcastle’s telephone and data cabling experts.

Data and Telephone Cabling Repair

Maxx Electrical have the tools and the experience to diagnose and fix problems with data and telephone cabling. Our fault detection service is comprehensive to find and diagnose faults causing your phone to stop ringing, the connection quality to be poor or your internet connection to drop in and out.

We have experience with all types of telephone and data cabling like RJ45, Cat 5e and Cat 6. We’ve also got experience with optical cabling and can find and repair faults with high-speed data networks. Trust the team with over 30 years experience and call Maxx Electrical on 0438 680 408.

ADSL and Internet Connection Repairs

Internet connection problems often occur without warning and can happen at any time of day or night. Murphy’s law dictates that when internet trouble strikes, it will happen in the middle of your university or school assignment, just before the deadline for a vital presentation at work or in the middle of booking your holiday.

If your internet connection is slow, intermittently dropping out or not connecting at all, you can call Maxx Electrical to have it assessed by our technicians promptly. Our professional technicians will visit your home or office to find and diagnose the fault in your internet connection and fix the problem quickly.

A quick note that sometimes a fault may be on your internet service provider’s (ISP) network and if that is the case we will recommend that you contact them to have them repair the problem on their end. If we believe that we can’t fix the problem we will tell you and recommend the best course of action.

Phone Line Installation

Do you require additional phone outlets in your home or a new phone line installed in your home or office? Maxx Electrical will attend your home and professionally install your phone cabling and outlets at a time that is convenient for you.

Our telephone technicians will install and test your phone line connection in accordance to all rules and regulations and guided by best practice. We test your connection with the best testing tools and check the quality of the connection to make sure the call will always be crystal clear.

We can install new phone lines and outlets in your kitchen, study, home-offices, bedrooms and can provide underground cable connections to a garage, studio or granny-flat. Our Newcastle-based technicians can provide a competitive quote for your new connection and can often complete the installation of your phone line same-day.

Network Installations

Maxx Electrical can install data networks in homes and offices all across the Hunter. We consider your data, IT and security requirements and our network technicians design and install networks for your company or home that perfectly suits your needs now and into the future.

Our team value communication and ensure you are always kept in the loop throughout the design and installation of your computer network.

Data and Internet Cable Installation

Maxx Electrical are specialists at wiring, cables and connections. Internet and data connections are no different. Wireless internet technology is getting better, but for the most reliable and fast data and internet connections, nothing beats a wired connection.

We can provide a wide range of options to best connect your home. We’ve worked with Cat 5e, Cat 6 and RJ45 cables and can work with optics to maximise the speed of your NBN connection.

There are many reasons to consider a wired data or internet connection;

  • wireless interference from other appliances causing your internet speed to be slow.
  • connecting your new home theatre or TV to the internet for crystal clear streaming of media content like Netflix or Stan.
  • connecting your home automation system or security system to an always-on system.
  • having an outlet installed near your XBox, PC or Playstation to connect it to the internet.
  • Extend your home or office local area network (LAN) to add more computers, printers or servers for storage.

Maxx Electrical can repair faulty, frayed or broken data cables and optimise internet connections that are frequently disconnecting, slow or not connecting at all. We can also remove old network connections and move existing cables and outlets to better suit your needs.

To speak to a Maxx Electrical network technician call us on 0438 680 408 for a no-obligation quote.

Prefer to speak to an electrician?

Maxx Electrical are available Monday - Saturday for bookings and 24/7 for emergency calls. For your peace-of-mind, all our work is insured and carried out by fully licensed, experienced electricians who all call Newcastle and the Hunter home.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Did you know?

The most common call outs for telephone and data services is loss of the service. Did you know that even if you call your phone or internet provider it is a licensed electrician who does the work? That’s where we come in.

As fully licensed and qualified technicians we;

  • Test and repair ADSL and phone line fault
  • Install new ADSL and phone line connections
  • Repair or replace phone and data wiring
  • Provide extra phone and fixed internet points

Steps to contacting a telephone and data service technician.

  1. Contact your internet service provider or phone company about the fault and ask them to perform a line test.
  2. Check your cables are plugged in and that the services are connected to power
  3. Call Us to come out and inspect your telephone and data services to see what the problem is and how we can fix it.

You can trust us! Maxx Electrical has proudly worked with the following reputable local businesses with their telephone, internet and data services

  • HERTZ Newcastle
  • Cypress Lakes Resort
  • NRMA offices, East Maitland
  • Office of State revenue, Maitland
  • Newcastle City Holden