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General Electrical for the Home

If you have some odd electrical jobs that require a professional and reliable electrician, look no further than Maxx Electrical. We can install those power points, hang that TV and run those home theatre wires.

maxx electrical home power point installation and general electrical

Power Point Installation

If you have to unplug the fridge to charge your phone it is probably a good time to consider some more power-points. Homes never have enough power points, regardless of age. If your house is an older property you will have one power point per room maxx, and if your house is newer, unless the builder specified, you will also only have one point per room.

Power points must always be installed by a licensed electrician and a Certificate of Compliance must be supplied after completing the job. We can install outdoor weatherproof power points, single, double or quadruple power outlets, home entertainment power points, air-conditioning power points and more. Speak to us today about how we can help.

Home Theatres & TVs

Maxx Electrical have been wall-mounting TVs and installing home theatre systems for years. We can run your cabling neatly through the roof or wall and make your home theatre the envy of your neighbours and friends.

Maxx Electrical can integrate new components into your existing home theatre system or start from scratch. We can even install the latest in roof-mounted semi-concealed speakers and wall-mounted sub-woofers.

From simply installing your TV to the full home theatre install Maxx Electrical has done it all. Everything we do is done neatly, cleanly and professionally so the finish of the job is exactly as you’d expect.


Smoke Detector/ Smoke Alarm Installation

No-one should live in a home without smoke detectors. Period. The importance of properly installed and maintained smoke detectors is paramount to the safety of your family (or your tenants).

There are two main types of smoke alarms – ionization smoke alarms are generally more responsive to flaming fires, whereas photoelectric smoke alarms are generally more responsive to fires that begin with a long period of smoldering.

The smoke detectors should be installed in the most effective position of your house to pick up on smoke and avoid setting off false alarms. They should be installed with a lithium battery which provides a life of 6 years. Your smoke detectors should also be checked every 6 months to ensure they are in working order.

Maxx Electrical offer a full range of smoke detector options and can install, test and maintain your system.

Prefer to speak to an electrician?

Maxx Electrical are available Monday - Saturday for bookings and 7 days a week for emergency calls. For your peace-of-mind, all our work is insured and carried out by fully licensed, experienced electricians who all call Newcastle and the Hunter home.


Fully Licensed and Insured

Is there an electrical emergency in your home?

Maxx Electrical offer call-outs for electrical emergencies 7 days a week. The safety of you and your family is important to us. Don't delay if you have electrical wires sparking, mixed with water or other issues - contact our emergency hotline on

0438 680 408