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Maxx's 'Too-Hot-To-Handle' Oven Buying Guide

Maxx will get you cooking sooner

Maxx’s ‘Too-Hot-To-Handle’ Oven Buying Guide

Needing to whip up some tasty delights in the kitchen but missing an essential element? (Get it??)

Whether you’re a hobby cook or an expert chef, you will need to arm yourself with the best oven to provide the smoothest possible culinary experience .

We’ve compiled a list of nifty tips to help you explore oven features and specifications perfect for your next trip to the appliance store.

So slip on those oven mits my friends – we’re about to dive head first into Maxx’s ‘Too-Hot-To-Handle’ oven buying guide!

Think of this as your pre-shopping checklist:

  1. How does your oven measure up?

Ask yourself… what size oven is best suited for you and your home?

We’re not only referring to the oven’s width, height and thickness measurements. You will need to measure the cut-out as well especially if you don’t have access to the original specifications of your current oven.

Your kitchen design will dictate how much space is readily available without having to restructure with costly and messy cabinet amendments.

Ovens generally come in two standard sizes: single and double.

A single oven is typically around 60 cm and can fit just about anywhere. It has one only one oven for general purpose uses (baking, grilling and roasting). This type is common in many kitchens.

Double ovens are for those who need more than one cooking option – the multitaskers. They also come in two types: the double built-in, which are about 90 cm in height and the double built-under, which are around 72 cm in height.

  1. Not all power connections are created equal

Let’s face it, when it comes to dealing with power connections things can get a bit daunting. It’s essential to get to know your connection and supply before you hunt for the perfect oven (a quick call to Maxx Electrical can set you on the right track – 1800 4 POWER (1800 476 937).

What amperage is your power connection? Is it enough to handle your new oven?

Just remember, most ovens will run on a connection of 15 amps although some self-cleaning and higher-end ovens would require more.

Don’t have enough power? Contact Maxx on 1800 4 POWER (1800 476 937) to boost your connection for a more powerful oven!

Now you’re ready to hit the appliance center. When shopping for oven options (which have grown significantly over the years) you will want to keep an eye out for the following while staying within your installation specifications:

  1. Kick that oven cleaning habit in the behind

Do you like the horrible task of cleaning ovens? Unless you’re my Aunty Mabel (a notorious cleaning fiend) – of course not!

Think of all those disgusting splatters and burnt out unrecognizable bits sticking to the sides of your once immaculate oven. It must’ve been due for heavy duty cleaning for months now. You probably don’t have the time to spare since you’re cooking up a storm almost always.

It’s a great thing you can now take your pick from smart, self-cleaning ovens. New technology provides several alternatives such as ovens equipped with catalytic liners and pyrolytic or steam cleaning capabilities. Each has its own advantages over the other.

Ovens with catalytic liners clean surfaces covered with lining only by absorbing grease and oil during the cooking process. They provide a shorter cleaning time compared to pyrolytic ovens but they have limited lifespan and need to be replaced once used up.

On the other hand, pyrolytic ovens employ a more intense cleaning option by heating up any residue with extreme temperatures (reaching around 500 degrees Celsius) reducing them to ash. They are popular nowadays.

Steam cleaning ovens are self-explanatory. These ovens are lined with an enamel coating and activated by steam and low heat. All you have to do is wipe off the dirt after it has been lifted off the oven walls.

  1. What’cha cooking, good looking? Choose an oven based on your cooking style

Do you use your oven for baking cakes and pastries? How about one to use for big chunks of meat? Do you require an oven equipped for long cooking times? Or maybe you need one that cooks from the bottom only for your pizza parties.

Ovens are now armed with a bucket-load of different functions to suit your everyday needs.

With so many options available, you can have a choice of conventional cooking, standard fan-forced, fan assisted grilling or cooking, half grill cooking, and even bottom element cooking. Some even have fully automatic programs that can cook a leg of lamb to perfection with the least cooking effort.

  1. Check out some of the delicious oven features on offer

You may already have an idea of your perfect oven… until you see one that blows your mind while you’re out shopping.

Modern ovens come in features that homemakers only once dreamt of. These include timer and delay features which give you more time to multitask; fancy yet convenient glass doors to look through; convection heating powered options that save time, energy and money; even a ‘Sabbath Mode’ that helps keep food hotter for longer, so you can set your meal and forget.

One such particular favorite are those ovens that combine the power of steam and microwaves to give more versatile cooking options. Not only does food taste better, they make cooking faster to prepare and way more nutritious.

  1. No more clashing Oven varieties for the savviest interior designer

For the more particular shopper, nothing gets more annoying than having a jet black oven in a white kitchen with white countertops.

The good news is that ovens now come in all kinds of colors and finishes – all you have to do is make up your mind between the sexy hot pink one and the more traditional stainless steel.

  1. Child-proofing your oven to protect those tiny mits

Do you have a tiny cook around too? Child-proofing your home won’t be complete without an oven that doesn’t burn little Timmy’s fingertips.

Lucky for you there are ovens with cavity cooling or cool-touch door features ensuring more safety and a more enjoyable cooking session with your little one.

As a general rule of note, the more panes of glass the oven has, the cooler its door will be. You can check for this yourself by hovering your pointed finger over the door and counting the reflections. If, for example, you see three reflections, then your oven has a triple glazed door.

There are also ovens equipped with child safety locks – employing either physical locks or a control panel lock – for your own piece of mind.

  1. Get cooking with Maxx Electrical (the hottest oven installation service in town)

Now that you’ve made your purchase with the easiest oven buying guide, you will need help installing your brand new oven. Dial up Maxx Electrical 1800 4 POWER (1800 476 937) to arrange a hassle-free installation!

We’ll hook that oven up right away so you can get down to what you do best – cooking up those tasty treats for your family and friends.

If you have any questions at all about your oven specifications or installation, feel free to give Maxx Electrical a call on 1800 4 POWER (1800 476 937).