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Need an electrician for your swimming pool installation?

Snags on the BBQ? Yep.

Beers in the Esky? Yep.

Togs on? Yep.

Backyard swimming pool ready? Not so much…

time to upgrade the pool

It’s time to install a swimming pool

If you’ve decided it’s time to install a swimming pool this Summer, good for you!

You may already have a pool installation service in mind, but did you know you also need an electrician to do all the wiring too?

Keep in mind that pools usually require special electrical requirements. As we all know – combining water and electricity needs to be done by a professional.

Unfortunately, nobody told these guys about this…


They’re ok, by the way. We unfortunately can’t say the same thing about their brain cells.

Pool and spa electrical wiring

As licensed electricians with over 30 years experience, Maxx Electrical take the utmost precautions when installing electrical wiring for your new pool or spa.

If you are installing a new pool or spa this Summer, contact us for a chat about:

  • Switchboard requirements
  • Safety switch requirements
  • Meter boxes and electrical accessories that may be around your pool
  • Pool lighting
  • Relocation of existing electrical equipment,
    Relocation of power points
  • Relocation lights around pool to meet safety requirements around the pool
  • Connecting your underwater lighting 

We are also more than happy to advise you about your other outdoor requirements this Summer, including:

  • Outdoor fans
  • Outdoor patio lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Outdoor power points
  • Outdoor TV connections

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